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Audio Sermon Dilemma


Remember when audio was AM/FM based? Not only was this frustrating but very inconvenient. We loved the 24/7 service but not the static that came with it.


Cassette tapes became so popular, the constant use finally damaged our investments. We all have that one preaching tape that got eaten by the deck or even damaged by storage.


Digital audio has grown dramatically from the CD to digital downloads. If its not a scratched CD then our devices are out of memory to add more content.


Content distribution has always been challenge for sermons. With the vast size of the internet & limited visibility of low traffic content, it becomes almost impossible for sermons to be heard unloosed searched for.

Where do people go now?

That's where we came in

We have taken the great 24/7 service that radio has to offer and eliminated the static by being internet based. We created a stream that is efficient on the data your phone pulls when listening to our station. We also did not throw away those cassettes! We have digitally remastered them so our listeners can enjoy the great sermons of the past that has so greatly effected us. We all love the digital world as long as it doesn't take up too much space. Our stream allows our listeners to tune in without losing precious storage space on their device. Not only do we want to give quality service but community. We enjoy taking churches sermon content from the back of the internet to the front. We believe strongly in making sermons accessible by efficient distribution. We want to hear what our listeners are listening to. We gladly take sermon recommendations to expand the radio content! Spreading the Word of God has not been easier. We not only broadcast quality Word, but promote our churches to create a better community. Let's massively share the Word by shrinking the world we live in!

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